The Trolleybus Museum

Founded on its present site in 1969 to house, restore and run trolleybuses when they were fast disappearing from Britain’s streets, The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft has grown from a handful of vehicles and now has over 50 – the largest collection of preserved trolleybuses in the world. However public transport doesn’t exist in isolation. In addition to describing the rise and fall of the British trolleybus, the museum attempts to set its story in the social history of its era, explaining the factors that shaped events.

  • Belton Rd, Epworth,
    DN8 5SX
  • Coaches
  • Scale Models
Opening Times
Open Days in 2022
Saturday and Sunday 30-31 July
Saturday and Sunday 13-14 Aug
Saturday, Sunday and Monday 27-29 Aug
Saturday and Sunday 17-18 Sept
Saturday and Sunday 1-2 Oct
Sunday 16 Oct
Saturday and Sunday 29-30 Oct
Saturday 19 Nov