Morgan Experience Centre

Following a full refurbishment, the Morgan Experience Centre was reopened in 2020. The redesigned space includes a retail showroom for Morgan’s on-site dealership, a new restaurant, a gift and lifestyle shop. It is also home to The Archive Room.

The Archive Room is home to the full company archives, containing more than a century of artefacts, documents, photographs and footage that chart the unique history and heritage of the brand. The centrepiece of the room is a full-length cabinet that houses individual items of historical significance, each with its own story. Next to each item is a button that allows visitors to bring the artefact to life as part of an audio-visual installation. Some of the more prominent items include a 1930s Leica camera belonging to the company’s founder, HFS Morgan, thousands of original press cuttings dating back to 1910, each beautifully documented in ‘scrap books’ by George Morgan (father of HFS), and original blueprints and historical parts from the earliest days of the company.

Five large-scale projectors situated around the room display rotating content that delves into all aspects of company history and provides a backdrop to the room. The remaining walls are adorned with artwork and abstract frames, Morgan parts and trophies. In the centre, seven cars are displayed and represent all eras and models, with a mixture of the company’s heritage fleet and vehicles loaned by private owners. At launch, models including a 1910 Runabout, a 1938 4-4 previously owned by HFS Morgan, a 1977 Plus 8 race car owned by Graham and Oliver Bryant, and a 1 of 100 Aeromax and EV3 concept car will all be on display alongside other vehicles.

A visit to the Archive Room is part of Morgan’s factory tours, the behind-the-scenes insight into how these unique vehicles are made.

  • Pickersleigh Road,
    Malvern Link, WR14 2LL
  • Cars
  • Memorabilia
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Visit is possible as part of a factory tour